I will skype conversation in Italian

skype conversation in Italian

About This Gig

my name is Caterina, I have a Master of Science in Archeology, and I teach Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek. Working also as a translator I have a fluent English, and a good level French. I love learning languages and help others with my native. 

Conversation with a native is by far the best way to improve your real spoken Italian and listening abilities, and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations.

I can provide you conversations about specific topics, such as business, finance, politics or travel; or, if you like, you can have normal day to day conversations about events, weather, etc., or I can pick up the conversation topic.

I can also help you with some grammar during conversation, also with written feedback. 

30 minutes = $5 (one gig)
1 hour = $10 (two gigs)