I will be your ANGRY Russian

be your ANGRY Russian
be your ANGRY Russian

About This Gig

You want people to share your video right?

Then make it shareable and give it some teeth; let the Russian Mafia make you something real special. I can play it angry, irritated, or just straight up.

The Basic Gig ($5):

  • Includes a  30 second block and 50 words, in color, no props!

  • I will need a script or a list of bullet points. I work best from bullet points!

  • Note: I use the sunglasses to facilitate smooth delivery of longer scripts.

The filter (noir or 70's era) will cost you a little extra coin, but it adds a unique feel to the video, that will get you noticed. I will say whatever you want me too, but I ask to see your script ahead of time and I reserve the right to make small changes.

If you have a question contact me before you purchase the gig.

EMBARRASSMENT IS EXTRA: Hard to Promo Content (porn, trading, weight loss, gambling, political, penis pills) is $100 dollars EXTRA

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