I will promote 1 gig in Twitter, Fan page related Fiverr in 5 days

promote 1 gig in Twitter, Fan page related Fiverr in 5 days

About This Gig

Have gig but don't know where and how to advertise?

For 5 days, I will promote your gig to:

- My twitter by tweeting your gigs different tweet each day (niche: internet marketing)
Post  your gig to Facebook page that has about 12,000 people interested with your gig and a;so post in my Facebook account.

SEE my extra gig:

Check my second extra gig, if you need video gig that can explain & represent what your gig offer. For video gig sample, you can watch :
I will write short script based on your gig information you gave to me then I create your video's gig for 30 second based on Fiverr's rule. 1x maximum revision if there is a mistake from me.

Read  my third extra gig offer 120 second whiteboard video that you can upload to video sharing site.

*** See my extra gig too if you want to advertise your gig into more than 10 Facebook page that contain many people like Fiverr. Just send your gig link & I will advertise them. Screen shot available as proof for you. Get special bonus too. i just promote it not responsible with result.