I will translate 500 words from English into Chinese for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
translate 500 words from English into Chinese
translate 500 words from English into Chinese

About This Gig

Hello Fiverr!

I came here to help you with your translation needs. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’m almost constantly online, but please bear in mind the time difference since I’m in China.

In this gig I’m offering to translate all types of articles from English to Chinese Mandarin (Simplified characters) or Chinese Mandarin to English (Simplified Characters).

I’m a trained translator and all of my translations are done PROFESSIONALLY, without any translation software so you don’t have to worry about texts sounding unnatural. It’s part of my translator code to always proofread the translation before sending it back to you.

One gig means translating 350 English words into Chinese, or translating 350 Chinese characters into English.

If you have a text which exceeds 350 English words or 350 Chinese characters, please order one more gig. If your text exceeds 700 English words or 700 Chinese characters, please order two more gigs.

Please give me your text as a file (.doc, .pdf, .xls etc.) and explain clearly what do you want to be translated. This will make my gig much easier and less stressful for both of us.