I will answer 5 about supplying to the big W

answer 5 about supplying to the big W

About This Gig

Interested in supplying YOUR product to the world's largest retailer?

I can answer ANY five questions you have about working with The Big W. 
  • Does your product fit into the The Big W market? 
  • How do you find the right buyer for your product?
  • How do you rework  price points for such large sales?
  • What are the variable costs to be aware of?
  • What are the logistical challenges?
  • How do you get prepared to meet with a buyer?
  • What type of money are you realistically looking at putting out for manufacturing?
  •  How do you keep yourself protected with so much money in large amounts of inventory?

Use my many years of experience in manufacturing a #1 top selling product (among many other successful SKU's).  I have met the buyers, made the sales, manufactured millions of units, and learned the lessons the hard way. 

Whether you are already an established manufacturer and currently tapped into mass market or a go getter with an amazing product idea but not sure how to begin....I can help you!

Ask me your 5 questions and I will answer them thoughtfully and thoroughly.  Let me help you avoid the mistakes I made as a beginner and help you to be knowledgeable and prepared!

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3 days delivery