I will research Amazon keywords,Tags for Your Kindle Book Ranking

research Amazon keywords,Tags for Your  Kindle Book Ranking

About This Gig

Welcome to The Best Fiverr Gig To Build A Successful Kindle Business!

  • Are you struggling with the Right Keywords to use for your Title.?
  • Do you want your Book to show in Amazon Search Result so you get more Book sales?
  • Do you want to Rank in first Page for your Category.?

Then this Fiverr Gig is what you need. With my Marketing, Promotion Techniques, i will Optimize your Title, Description and Seo so Amazon will sell your B.ooks for you.

I will give you the right Keywords to use so your on-page seo is optimized  & your Book will show up in first page.

With the right Information, Amazon will send Traffic to your Page in form of readers who want to Buy.

Who is this Gig For :-

  • B.ook Publishers old and new.
  • Anyone that wants to start a kindle Business.
  • If you want more Kindle sales and Reviews.
  • If you Don't want to spend hours Posting on Forums, Facebook, Pinterest,Tweeter.
  • If you are short of cash to run CPC campaign.

What you will get

  • I will Research Quality and Best Keywords
  • I will incorporate Keywords to a unique Title
  • Give you 7 K.eywords

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