I will work with your needs to find you an ecig setup

work with your needs to find you an ecig setup

About This Gig

I'll help you find an appropriate Personal Vaporizor ( e-cigarette) kit for your needs based on your budget, current/past smoking level, technical knowledge and size requirements.

I have used my PV to eradicate my tobacco use 100% and I'd be happy to share what I've learned to help you bypass the initial learning curve which can be costly and frustrating. 

DON'T waste your time on poor quality devices with huge markups and unsatisfying performance.

DO allow me to help you find a setup that will work exactly how you need it to, every time you need it to.

The $5 you spend with me today could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when you factor in the reduced cost of vaping, the health benefits of not smoking, and the confidence in knowing you are ordering a product that is well built to suit your needs.

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