I will create awesome real estate ad content

create awesome real estate ad content

About This Gig

In my 15 years as a marketer & copywriter, I've worked with top Real Estate firms in the US, Canada, & UK and have been their go-to guy for all their ad copy needs. My content has helped sell over 3,500 properties!

For $5 per 75 words, I'll create an awesome Real Estate Ad, which you can use to boost your sales.

Real Estate Content that Sells!

In my experience, you can sell, rent or lease a property more effectively once you've created a listing that clearly communicates why your property is the deal of a lifetime, and why your buyers would be absolutely crazy not to take advantage of the opportunity you're offering them.

Say "No" to property listings that are boring and uninspiring. Say "Yes" to property listings that are awesome and empower the reader to buy!

If you want a property listing that's filled with awesomeness, go ahead and order this gig. Property listings that have around 300 words normally do the trick, so if you want to make a splash with your ad, make sure you order the 300 word Real Estate ad, which costs just $20!

What are you waiting for! Go ahead and click on that "Order Now" button and I'll see you on the other side.

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