I will create a media list for you

create a media list for you

About This Gig


Distributing your press release online can help improve search engine rankings and help drive visibility online, but:

  • Are you making headlines?
  • Do you even know if journalists are seeing your news?
  • Are you seeing a return on the investment of press release distribution fees and distribution efforts?

Let me help you reach out to journalists directly to pitch your new company, product, service, book, event and more. 

For $5, I will provide 3 media contacts for you to send your press release to.

See the "Extras" for more extensive media lists. 

You'll receive the journalist's name, media outlet, title, phone number, and email address. 

Let me help you take a more strategic approach to distributing your news and generating publicity. Isn't it time your brand started making headlines?

Note: If you're new to PR and media relations, I can create a one-page media pitching strategy and guide for you. I will review your website, press release (if available) and provide pitch ideas, positioning tactics, a pitching calendar, pitching instructions and other helpful suggestions. This is available in the "Extras" below.