I will edit and finalize your podcast for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
edit and finalize your podcast
smcbroom does outstanding work! Great communication! I plan on doing a lot more podcast in the future and any editing I need done will definitely be done through this gig. Do yourself a favor and don't pass on this gig! You will be a happy fiverr! Thanks
Reviewed by mxscoob over 1 year ago
edit and finalize your podcast

About This Gig

I will edit 10 minutes of your podcast and perform a mixdown for $5!

(for an additional 10 minutes, simply add another gig)

Whether you're a well established podcast or you're just starting out, I will consistently deliver professional quality results to help make your production a success. Not only am I experienced in audio editing, but I also have 24/7 access to top of the line audio software.

What I can do for your podcast:
-Add your intro, outro, and background music
-Remove mistakes, stutters, "umm"s, and breaths
-Reduce background noise/hiss
-Add radio style compression and eq
-Ensure smooth and seamless edits throughout

During the finalizing stage, I will normalize the audio so that it plays at the correct volume.

*Typically, all of the above can be done. Please send a sample file before ordering to ensure best results.

*Please note that the biggest factor in a track's quality is
how it is recorded, not how it is edited. While I am capable of making great improvements to a recording, I can only do so much to save a low quality file. For best results I would recommend a space with low noise and a decent microphone close to the person.