About This Gig

Send me a photo of you or of somebody else and I will make it look like a painting or illustration.
You can then use this digital painting image as your Facebook profile picture, as your Twitter avatar, or you may send it to somebody as a gift.

Your source photo must be of good quality, well lit, large and crisp.

Do NOT send: small, dark, blurry, grainy or overexposed photos.

The better the quality of your photo, the better the final result will be.

  • Huge photos are welcome, but will be scaled down to 1000-1500 pixels of width.
  • Photo must be head and shoulders. For a full body photo, you will have to purchase the Gig Extra.
  • If there are several people in your photo, you will have to purchase the corresponding Gig Extra.
  • For a printable 300dpi image, you have to purchase the Gig Extra (and to provide a good source image).

That's it - from photo to painting. Have fun!