I will critique your startup idea

critique your startup idea

About This Gig

Have an idea that you want to turn into a business?

Get an expert critique of your idea before you invest time, money, and your sweat and tears!

I have over 10 years experience working in the areas of business strategy, business development, product definition, project execution, online marketing and more!  I have successfully launched more than 10 products, a dozen websites, and 2 mobile apps.

Gain the benefit of my experience so that you can do it right.  Get feedback on - 

* core idea and market relevance
* branding, product name, slogans, etc
* strength of your idea and areas that you need to focus on to see success
* if I see your idea as something that offers value to the market and has potential for success

Please consult with me on my availability prior to ordering the gig.

If you are interested in ordering my SWOT report Gig Extra, please keep in mind that this requires ordering the appropriate extras.