I will send you an adorable Android Pin from MWC 2016

send you an adorable Android Pin from MWC 2016

About This Gig

Didn't make it to Mobile World Congress? That doesn't mean you can't cash in on some of the awesome Android swag that was circulating. 

For $5 I will send you a randomly selected pin from my collection of Android Pins from MWC 2016. If you state your preference for a male vs female pin I will do my best to meet your request, depending on availability.

For $10 I will send you the Android pin *of your choice* to help you complete your collection. You can see the list of all pins that were available here - http://www.android.com/pins/#/pins?show=all
(NOTE: PM me first to confirm I still have the pin you are looking for or risk that I will cancel the order)

These pins are great gifts that any Android fan will love to get their hands on. All pins are unopened in the original package and include the accompanying sticker and stock card.