I will critique your website based on my 1st impressions

critique your website based on my 1st impressions

About This Gig

Are you curious about your visitors 1st impressions?

With answers to the right questions, you can learn a great deal about your site.  Are your bounce rates high, conversions low, or perhaps you just need a 2nd pair of trained eyes in case you missed something important?  If so, this gig is for you!

I have almost 6 years in Internet Marketing.  I'm a top SEO analyst and trainer, and I look forward to helping YOU!

For $5 I answer 5 questions in addition to a general overview:

  1. What was my 1st impression of your site?

  2. Is it clear what your site, product, or service is about?

  3. Would we have reservations about purchasing a product, or trusting the site?

  4. Is the design appropriate and effective for your product or service?

  5. What could be done to make the site better?

For an additional $5, I will answer 5 more questions:

  1. What is my overall opinion of the site?

  2. What do I think is the best attribute?

  3. Is there anything critical missing?

  4. Is the call-to-action obvious and effective?

  5. Is there anything on the site that might prompt me to leave?

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'm always happy to help.  :)