I will create 20 quality posts on your forum or blog for $5

create 20 quality posts on your forum or blog
create 20 quality posts on your forum or blog

About This Gig

I am American, and I speak English! 

I will provide 20 quality posts on your forum. Particularly about the niche your forum is designed for. No filler posts, just quality content. If content is limited, I will create thread content to help jumpstart discussion on your forum of your particularly forum's interest.

You must be an admin or own the forum I am creating content for. This is for one forum only. I may choose to create additional accounts if there is not already enough content on your forum. I will not participate in creating backlinks programs by spamming other sites. .

Contact me with any specific requests or questions.

I will "like" content, ask questions, comment on profiles, etc, at no extra cost, if I find it interesting. I am fluent in almost all forum software packages, and their plugins and addons. 

My forte's are the tech industry: gadgets, programming, operating systems, and tech nostalgia. NFL/NCAA football, Minecraft multiplayer servers, dogs, and kids are also interesting content that I seek out.

I will register on your site with a unique username that isn't used anywhere else. I prefer to use English speaking sites so there is less confusion for members and myself.