I will backup your computer with overnight recovery

backup your computer with overnight recovery

About This Gig

I'll facilitate a realtime backup solution for your computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux).  It takes only a few minutes to get set up and is extremely easy to use.  I usually can get you setup (depending on your internet connection) within 2 days (usually faster).

How is my computer backed up?  Are there any limits?
Your files are monitored as you work, and are backed up as soon as they are saved.  It doesn't matter how many files you have, there's no limit, just $5 per month per computer.  Discounts are available for multiple computers.

If you delete files by mistake then you can easily restore them online!  If you need your entire computer's files in a pinch, we will overnight your hard drive to you.  (USA and Canada)

Your backups are encrypted with military grade encryption.

Your backups are monitored daily and if there is a continual problem with your backups, we'll contact you via email to resolve it.