I will reduce and compress the size of your PDF files

reduce and compress the size of your PDF files
pdf page as image

About This Gig

Compress: Do you have a file you need to upload to your website but it's taking up a lot of disk space? Maybe you need to send it as an email attachment but the size is too big? I will compress your file, saving valuable KB.

Split: Do you have a book or magazine saved in one document but you need separate files for each chapter? Maybe you've scanned some documents and your printer has merged them into one big file? I will split these into separate, smaller files.

Merge: Do you have a lot of individual files you would like to put together as one? Maybe you need to send lots of documents to somebody in an email? I will merge them into one big file.

Convert to PDF: Do you have an image file you need to save in PDF format? Maybe you have a Word document you need to send in a format that is not easily edited? I will convert your JPG, PNG or Word file into a PDF file.

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