I will cut negative energy cords from other people

cut negative energy cords from other people

About This Gig

Energetic cords are often formed in close relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends.  Some of these cords are positive and mutually beneficial.  Others carry negative emotions and old patterns that hinder you from being your true self.  These cords drain your energy and hold you back from progressing in many areas of your life.  Most commonly these cords are from ex lovers, and can prevent you from being in a good relationship in the future.  Some cords can be karmic and even from past lives.  They are subtle and not easy to see unless one has a clairvoyant sense.  Some indications of the presence of these cords include the following:

-  Repetitive negative thoughts and emotions when the person comes to mind

-  Dreaming of the person often in a negative context

-  Feeling very tired, drained, or mentally cloudy after speaking with the person or being in their presence

-  A constant "need" to please the person or prove something to them

-  An inability to "move on" or forgive the person

Please keep in mind that the $5 gig is for ONE cord removal.  You are more than welcome to order multiple gigs if you would like me to work with multiple people!

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