I will heal anything by replacing your negative belief patterns

heal anything by replacing your negative belief patterns

About This Gig

Theta Healing is a modality that works by removing and replacing thoughts and beliefs held deep in your psyche.   I have been doing healing work for several years, and recently became certified in this modality.  In 6 days, this is what Theta Healing did for ME.  Completely healed all trauma associated with 7 years of bullying and isolation, a 7 year long relationship, rape, sexual abuse, being in the womb and during birth... removed resentments toward my parents, siblings, peers, and teachers, feelings of self hatred/guilt/shame, and victimization, and healed a stomach parasite, the flu, and 9 years of chronic pain.  The power and speed of this modality blows me away.  It can be used to heal virtually anything.  Feel free to ask me before ordering a gig and I will let you know if I can help you <3  So honored to have this opportunity to work with people all over the world.  You will need access to some form of audio chat for this gig.  Skype and Facebook Messenger work the best!  In normal sessions, I do this for 75-90 mintues.  For Fiverr, I work with numbers of beliefs depending on the gig value.  The $5 gig is to change one core belief (10-15 minutes).  

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