I will remove any curse using Theta Healing

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remove any curse using Theta Healing

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Curses are not necessarily witchcraft, they are created when someone makes a threat with a large amount of emotion behind it.  For example "you will never love anyone again"!  If you always seem to lose your romantic partners, something always happens to drain your finances, or have a long history of everything going wrong, the solution could be as simple as a curse removal.  It may even be from a past life or a curse placed on your family.  For this gig, I remove the curse, return fragments of your soul that could have been lost in the process, and send the energy of the curse to God's light.  This is a permanent removal and no harm comes to the one who placed it on you.  Please keep in mind that this, and most of my $5 gigs are for ONE issue per gig.  

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