I will edit YOUR audio file

edit YOUR audio file
edit YOUR audio file

About This Gig

Hello Mr. Oates the Audio Guru here. Over the years, I developed a diverse set of skills as well as sensitive ears that allow me to work on a variety of projects and tasks within the audio world. Editing and production of:

- Music 
- Audio-books
- Corporate Meetings & Events
- Podcasts
- Video blogs
- Music/Audio for video projects

Are you looking to enhance your recordings, podcasts, audio books or other types of audio you've recorded either in a professional or amateur way? 

I am HERE TO HELP YOU! My job is to provide you with pro-sound editing services which will help you turn your recordings into exactly what you are looking for.

-Anything Audio Related

-Reducing background noise/hiss/hum and audio restoration

-Cutting out mistakes, breaths, unwanted words

-Volume Correction

-Adding EQ, Compression and any audio effects

-Can help change audio formats from wav, aiff, mp3, FLAC and any other formats

This gig is for one audio file up to 10 minutes of audio


If the audio recording is below par in terms of recording quality, edits are not cure all. I will provide a detailed explanation on what can and can't be performed on a low-quality recording.

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