I will be your biggest fan on 1 of 2 popular social media sites

be your biggest fan on 1 of 2 popular social media sites

About This Gig

Does your social media FAN PAGE need some love ❤️‍ and attention?Just getting started?...  I can help! I will be YOUR #1 FAN. Just let me know what kind of attention you need - a text 140 characters or less including a link, and optional image, OR I can #RT an ad off your page - with 6 accounts - to my lively, interactive audience of about 120, 000 followers. I have lots of followers into music  - rap, hip hop, R & B, as well as sports, fashion, apps, business and jewelry lovers! 


I can also simply promote/ shout out your social media page - from my page, one ad per gig.

I have approximately 120, 000 real twitter followers, give or take about 15,000 that come and go almost on a daily basis - and do GREAT with them! Check out my 3800 plus  positive marketing reviews on my main profile page!

I will never delete your ad once I posted - unless you cancel.

I will start your within 24 hours or sooner - of receiving it.

1 gig = 1 special fan/promotional ad- your wording of 140 characters of less.

Note: No Pay-Per-Click, MLM, CPA, Adsense, clickbank, fundraisers, instagram, racist, adult/ porn or other  "spammy" content allowed.


Questions? Contact me, and we'll talk before you order :)
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