About This Gig

♥Word of mouth is a great way to get attention! Fiver provides you the opportunity to potentially reach thousands, even millions of people for the least cost! For $5 I will post your ad ( 1 LINK (url) to my 6 twitter IDs of about - give or take- 140,000 mostly real active & diverse followers about the product, business or service, video etc

Please note: No Pay-Per-Click, MLM, CPA, Adsense, clickbank, fundraisers, instagram. racist or porn allowed.

Important▬► Must be  ONE message promoting ONE LINK -  or video If you want more than one link posted on my page- you must order another gig. ✓

Alternately, I can also re-tweet one of your tweets from your twitter page - providing it is promoting 1 (ONE)  link, video etc.

Kindly understand before ordering I can not guarantee how many likes, clicks or visits you will get from my service. I target ALL tasteful niches & generally do well with my promos. 

I am easy to talk to & flexible. If you are reasonably unhappy with my service I am open to making it work in some way or may consider offering you a refund - let me know before we complete the order.

A happy you means a happy me!

I can't cater to time zones, sorry! My ads are posted PST