I will send 5000 targeted, real and active email leads list

send 5000 targeted, real and active email leads list
send 5000 targeted, real and active email leads list

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Description Wanderer Sharpshooter Sniper
  5000 fresh & active emails. Responds well to “Health/Wealth/Love” offers. Results may vary greatly. 5000 targeted, niche emails. Contact me for niche-related details before ordering. 5000 targeted, FB verified emails. Perfect for FB Custom Audiences ads. Contact me before buying.
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About This Gig

I have access to a wide variety of social media properties. I've figured out a way to collect active, niche-specific, targeted email leads lists from these properties. Through my preliminary testing (small samples of 500-2000 emails) these email leads have shown to be very responsive, however, your own results may vary significantly, depending on what and how you promote to them. All contacts come with corresponding first and last name.

No adult, gambling & MLM
- use at your own risk if you are into any of these.

I am regularly collecting new & fresh contacts, so you won't be getting the same old dead & beaten lists that my previous customers bought. A certain % of leads may and will overlap between lists due to nature of the collecting process, but I'll do my best you get the newest, freshest and cleanest lists of email leads possible.

These emails are:
  • real people, no bots
  • targeted
  • verified
  • active
  • responsive

Depending on the package you choose to order, I'll be providing a customized, individualized plan for you to use with the list I give you.

Please contact me before ordering this gig if there's anything you don't fully understand!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the email addresses REALLY real?
    Yes, they have been collected from real people with real accounts on major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest... Don't ask me how I do it, it's kind of a secret ;).
  • How often do you collect new lists of emails?
    On average, between 1 to 2 times per week. Mostly on weekends.
  • Can I use these emails to promote adult, gambling & MLM?
    Yes, however, I won't provide targeted lists for any of those niches, not at the moment at least. You'll have to manage with just the basic, Wanderer package. Good luck!
  • I have a blog about Flying Spaghetti Monster, will I make money with your email list?
    I don't know. The only thing I can guarantee is that you will receive a list of fresh, real, verified and active emails. The results of your marketing and advertising endeavors are simply out of my control. Good luck though, and come back for more if you are satisfied!
  • Do you provide bulk mailing services to these lists?
    No, at the moment I do not sell bulk mailing services. I'll give you the list, you need to find somebody to send emails for you if you can't do it.
  • What's this FB Custom Audiences package?
    The Sniper package is the most valuable list you can get. These are verified email addresses people use to log into Facebook. They are niche targeted, so you can run targeted paid ads. A bit pricey, I agree. High risk, high reward!
  • I sent an email 2 days ago and received 0 clicks to my website, I want refund!
    I'm sorry to hear that, but there's no guarantee - you may or may not see results. I don't provide refunds, once I send you the list it's done deal. Thanks and better luck next time!
  • Can I resell your service?
    Of course you can. However, if I notice you are constantly ordering this gig, don't be surprised if you see my name in your inbox, asking all kinds of questions.
  • If this is legit, why are you selling it here for peanuts?
    I'm simply exploring new venues of income. Let's be honest, we're all here to make money, so if I can get more bang for the buck, why not? Besides, if you know something I don't, we can always work out some kind of deal ;). Share the knowledge, share the wealth!