I will design a social enterprise business model

design a social enterprise business model
design a social enterprise business model

About This Gig

I will create a business model for you. This will be based on the business model canvas by Alexander Osterwalder.

I will take your ideas and structure them so that you can see clearly how you will make money and run your business and be able to present it to investors, customers and suppliers MUCH more effectively.

I do hundred of business models each year and I know that this gig will help make your business better. Read the reviews :)

Why do you need a business model? Focus! 

  • If you get your business model right it's easy to identify your target customer. 
  • Its easier to be really clear about your value proposition
  • You can test your idea and change it if it doesn't work
  • You can save LOADS of money by avoiding costly failures
  • It makes writing the business plan really easy
  • It helps to design your marketing strategy

Useful tips

  • I don't do boiler plate. Everything is baked fresh. 
  • The business model canvas is nice, but you get so much more value if you buy an add on. 
  • You can send me your business plan instead of filling out the questionnaire
  • Big/Long answers on the questionnaire mean I do a better job
  • If there is something that worries you mention it up front and I'll cover it

Check out my samples!

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