I will bring your ex lover back fast with my extremely powerful spell

bring your ex lover back fast with my extremely powerful spell

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Description Return Lover Spell for 1 Hour Return Lover Spell for 2 Hours Return Lover Spell for 3 Hours
  I will use my families coveted spell secrets and cast your spell for 1 hour. Gig Extras recommend I will use my families coveted spell secrets and cast your spell for 2 hours to increase it's power. I will use my families coveted secrets and cast your spell for 3 hrs to make it EXTREMELY Powerful.
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About This Gig

I will cast a POWERFUL Return a Lover spell for you to get your ex-lover back in your life FAST!

I am one of six Witches currently in my family and come from a long line of Witches. So many that we have to petition when we want to conceive a boy because we are almost all girls, and almost all Witches if we chose to carry out that calling.

My spells are like no other, as I use coveted family secrets, earth energies, and spirit energies all combined to create a power so strong you are likely to feel the energies of the spell once they reach you and start working for you! 

Most not only feel the energy of the spell but say they get a boost of energy that makes them clean their entire house, which works out since usually that special someone calls and comes over shortly after. 

In this gig I will focus on your desires for the required amount of time you think seems fit for your case.(Chose Package)

TRUST that I will cleanse yours and your lovers energies from any negativity keeping you apart and create a new energy path for the both of you to come together in harmony and be together and in love long term. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will your spell bring bad luck/karma into my life?
    No. Again, my family has been performing these spells for generations and we have worked with these energies and spirits for just as long, we are not conjuring unknown dead spirits, or making anyone do anything against their will, just helping them see you are the best option for them.
  • I am a Christian/Catholic, do these spells go against my faith?
    No, we do not conjure any demons, or evil spirits, or make anyone do anything against their will.
  • I have a very tough case, will the Basic Package work for me?
    Depends what you mean by hard case; however, when purchasing the basic package we would recommend you add either the 3 day cast extra, or the herbs, candles, and oils or both to strengthen the energies and get things working out for you faster.
  • Do the other Witches in your family help you cast these spells?
    Depends the package you chose and the severity of your case. We have rituals each night to make our petitions, cleanse, and connect with our ancestors and often bring our toughest cases here to help each other and add power to them. (If you chose 3 hour package with extras than yes).