I will craft Compelling email series for your marketing campaign

craft Compelling email series for your marketing campaign

About This Gig

Have you been to a site where they will ask you to enter your e-mail to get a freebie?

Of course you do at one time or the other. Then they follow you up with a well crafted email series.

Why do they do this?

Because the most single important form of selling is to follow up on prospect.

Here is The catch

Crafting a convincing email series requires expert knowledge, you need to learn the art before you can write it because it’s a different ball game. It’s a bit different from Blogpost, Articles, Landing page e.t.c.

In a nutshell, It’s written to get a desired result.

The Good News is that…….

I get you covered. With as low as $5, I will craft a compelling and straight to the point email series that will convince your leads to take any action you want with a touch of a button.

 Either thinking of creating a presell content to make your lead sign up for a freebie or write an AUTORESPONDER email series to promote your product or service. Then I’m here for you.

 What to expect from this gig

 Crafting a killer headlines and subheadlines

· Creating a compelling email series based on your specifications

· 24/7 After sales support

· Risk free money back guarantee

· 24 hours delivery.

Order Details

1 day delivery

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