I will provide you with subjective consultancy

provide you with subjective consultancy

About This Gig

Every professional have faced a time when he/she needs a detailed review or advice from the right source. or even some times feels like something missing but have no hand to spot it until we get a hint from just the right source

Here i support you with that source putting my wide and deep experience between your hands, playing the part of a normal user for some, act as a mentor for someone else or maybe being the right assistant for the most. All from a professional work experience and a sharp sense of responsibility additionally to a deep care for details.

I can work on large scale as equal as to small tasks, answering detailed questions or commenting on the general idea and concept behind the work driven by my previous role as art director.

Please don't hesitate to review my profile to know my background also i can offer much more services up on request.

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1 day delivery

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Review any received file subjectively & comment on 3 requested inquiries about it.