I will solve your Excel spread sheet problem

solve your Excel spread sheet problem

About This Gig

I am a MS Excel expert, with over 12 years of experience in this MS Excel, i Can Help You As well!

I will create an Excel formula to help enhance your spreadsheet, to simplify your processes, or to make your spreadsheets look cleaner. If it can be done, I can do it for you

I do all kinds of Excel related work, charts, formula, Formatting, data extraction and everything.

A brief of my Excel Strengths:

- Formula (even creating custom ones), function

- Pulling specific web content (not mass scrape – ask!)

- Reorganizing data from the web to csv format

- Button, drop-down, form

- Export /import CSV

- Convert any file to Excel (PDF, Word, scanned, etc.)

- Word mail merge (label, etc.)

- Invoice and company quote template

- Dashboard

- Dedupe : removing duplicates from data

- Chart and graph

- Adding references to sheets and cells

- Excel Block Field Forms

- Handling Huge Records

- Convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint/text document from PDF     

- Converting pdf/doc/docx/rtf/txt/csv files to excel and vice-verse

- Fetch Name and Phone numbers from website.

However would request buyers to contact me prior to awarding the job, so that we can discuss about the requirement and it's feasibility.