I will do Artificial Intelligence Assignments

do Artificial Intelligence Assignments

About This Gig

 have a lot of experience in Machine Learning,Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence .I am Machine Learning,Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence certified from Udemy. I have done many work in Sentiment Analysis , Text Summation , Text Analysis, Deep Learning  etc .I will do your any task related to artificial intelligence by using my expertise in this area !

Task can be following !

        Blind Search

  •   Breadth-first
  •   depth-first
  •   Iterative deepening depth-first
  •   Bidirectional

        Informed Heuristic search

  •  Greedy search
  •  hill climbing, Heuristics
  •  Heuristic Search

        Local Search

  •   Hill-climbing
  •   Simulated annealing
  •   Local Beam Search
  •   Genetic algorithms

         Machine Learning

  •    Supervised learning
  •    Nearest Neighbor
  •    Decision trees
  •    Naive Bayes
  •    Perceptrons, Multi-layer Neural Networks

          Unsupervised Learning


*********Knowledge is Power  ,lets combine yours and mine to make a knowledge bomb ! **********