I will assist any Employment and Labour Law Issue

assist any Employment and Labour Law Issue

About This Gig

Rights and obligations of the  employer and the worker are mediated through a Contract of Employment or service contract between the two, therefore, it is most important document. You can find legal assistance form me in the following areas of employment law.

  • Employment terms and conditions,
  • Employment Contracts,
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary actions, official inquiries, charge sheets, indictments, suspension, Dismissal, Terminations.
  • Employment Law Court proceedings, Litigation, Legal briefs, Pleadings, Plaints and Defences,
  • Working conditions, Job descriptions
  • Minimum wage, Living wage
  • Hours, compensation, holidays, illness rights, Medical facilities, Health and safety
  • Collective labour law, Trade unions, Workplace participation, Collective bargaining, Collective action
  • International labour law , Work in multiple countries, EU law and
  • National labour laws of Canada, China, France, India, Mexico,
  • Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, United Kingdom and United States

NOTE: Discussion and Replies to your 5 Questions are under this Gig. However for my Fee I will send you a Custom Invoice.