I will assist any Employment and Labour Law Issue for $5

/ 10 Days On Average
assist any Employment and Labour Law Issue
assist any Employment and Labour Law Issue

About This Gig

Rights and obligations of the  employer and the worker are mediated through a Contract of Employment or service contract between the two, therefore, it is most important document. You can find legal assistance form me in the following areas of employment law.

  • Employment terms and conditions,
  • Employment Contracts,
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary actions, official inquiries, charge sheets, indictments, suspension, Dismissal, Terminations.
  • Employment Law Court proceedings, Litigation, Legal briefs, Pleadings, Plaints and Defences,
  • Working conditions, Job descriptions
  • Minimum wage, Living wage
  • Hours, compensation, holidays, illness rights, Medical facilities, Health and safety
  • Collective labour law, Trade unions, Workplace participation, Collective bargaining, Collective action
  • International labour law , Work in multiple countries, EU law and
  • National labour laws of Canada, China, France, India, Mexico,
  • Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, United Kingdom and United States

NOTE: Discussion and Replies to your 5 Questions are under this Gig. However for my Fee I will send you a Custom Invoice.