I will draft any Contract and Agreement

draft any Contract and Agreement

About This Gig

I will write and draft any kind of Contract, Agreement, Letter of Engagement and Proposals 

Agreements and Contracts must have following characteristics:

  1.  Presentable
  2. Concise but covering all aspects
  3. Well thought out and organized, with headings
  4. Must be certain in meanings and Clarity
  5. Acceptable & Objective Oriented
  6. it must be for the legal protection of all parties
  7. Legally it should be Correct
  8. Offer and Acceptance and consideration must be vivid
  9. Certainty of subject matter and terms
  10. Factually Correct
  11. Well drafted, enforceable, objective oriented and legally valuable 

I will answer your 5 question in the Basic Gig however for required Services I will charge through custom invoice.