I will draft Legal Notice, Cease and Desist Notice

draft Legal Notice, Cease and Desist Notice

About This Gig

Get your Legal Notice and Cease and Desist Notice drafted with professional crafting. 

Legal Notice is a document  which the aggrieved person intends to send to the one who is damaging or infringing his law full rights and who is not fulfilling his legal obligations. The corporate entities or the individual many times need to inform the harmer about his obligations and their rights protected under the law.

Cease and Desist is an intimation to the one who is involved in some activity which he  is not authorized to do and which is against the protected and lawful spheres of the rights of sender. Through Cease and Desist notice one stops the other from doing a particular activity which is against the law or the rights of the sender or within the obligations of the doer.  It is also known as infringement letter.

 Many times a good Legal Notice or the Cease and Desist Notice successfully restrain the other party from being more aggressive or violent of law. 

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