I will create an animated 3d product demo

By far one of the best professionals I've ever worked with. Check out the mov file he made for my business in his live portfolio!
Reviewed by mbattle0034 over 1 year ago
Best 3d animated video I have ever seen!
Reviewed by mbattle0034 over 1 year ago
create an animated 3d product demo
create an animated 3d product demo
create an animated 3d product demo

About This Gig

Does your company or brand need Product demo?

In 2014 most of the viral content on the internet and social media are videos.

A video of product demos, can evoke feelings! like:

  • trust
  • curiosity
  • confidence
  • amusement

Here are some of the Purpose & Benefits of a Product Demonstration: 

  • Simulates Interest
  • Conveys Ownership
  • Provides Proof
  • Combats Concerns.

The perfect recipe to increase your brand’s fan base.

we can animate: Boxes, Bottles, Jars, Sprays, Cups, Bags, Books, Magazines, Brochures, Busyness Cards, Cartons, any kind of Print Design, Ipads, Iphones, Lamps, Speakers, Furnitures, Electrical Devises, logos, letters, ect.

Increase Your selling's on Amazon, Ebay or any other website with the animated 3D product demo

please provide me your 3d model in .obj format and the textures.

if you don’t have any model I can create your product 3d model according to this gig:


With the basic gig you will receive a 10-15 seconds 480p video in .mp4 or whichever video format you prefer. 


  • I can add sound and music 
  • I can render in HD 720p