I will master or convert audio to any format

master or convert audio to any format

About This Gig

True Sound Studios have been producing albums since 2004. Let True Sound give you a louder & brighter sound.

I will professionally master your song / 1 track up to 10 minutes of audio and convert to any audio format. Your track will be ready for sending out to labels, radio stations, podcast or CD burning. Sound more professional.

Audio Mastering Includes:
* Light Reverb
* Master Equalizer
* Master Limiter
* Master Compression
* Normalize Volume Levels
* Amplify Volume Levels
* Trim long pauses

Audio Convert Format Includes:
WAV, Ogg, MP3, MP2, FLAC

WAV: 16bit 44100Hz
MP3: formats are 16 to 256 bitrate

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