I will send your RSS feed to top 51 Rss directories

send your RSS feed to top 51 Rss directories

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i will send your 16 RSS feed to top 51 plus directories online

important of RSS feed submission

RSS feeds get picked up almost instantly by search engine they help to get your site alot of traffic.

RSS feeds submission allows readers to easily visit your website again without having to look for it somewhere.

It also helps provide your readers with updated information even if you don't have new contents in your site.


Instant Exposure - Thousands of bloggers look for RSS feed directories for news. Once your website is approved at these RSS Feed directories, Your new post will get instant
exposure to a wide audience.

Lots of Back Links - RSS feed submission gives lots of back links once the website is accepted in these directories.
These back links are considered very strong in
search engines ranking algorithms.

Once I'm done, I'll supply you with a full results of my work

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