I will do an Oracle card reading

do an Oracle card reading

About This Gig

This Gig is for a single card draw with me via email correspondence. One reading is defined as an answer to one question OR a general message.

Using my intuition and knowledge of the Oracle cards I will give you personalized insight regarding the nature of your question.  

Readings usually pertain to a life situation that you find yourself in and need help understanding, or guidance regarding what you need to do to manifest your potential and power. They are not particularly helpful if you are inquiring about something that involves the free will or condition of another person.

You will get a detailed email reading, outlining each card pulled; what the card means and how it applies to you as well as what I intuitively got from my Guides in sacred space. I'll also include pictures of each card.

I send readings by email within 72 hours. Readings will be specific to your situation and completely confidential.

Note that this listing isn't to be taken as medical, legal or other form of professional advice. This doesn't promise/suggest it will effect a physical change or outcome. I am not responsible for any outcomes/lack of in regards to this listing. No financial or health inquiries please.

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3 days delivery