I will help determine your retirement number

help determine your retirement number

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Many don't know how much they need in retirement saving to provide their standard of living.
While there are many factors that play into it, it still nice to know in advance what your future may hold.

If it not what you expected, then maybe you have enough time to saving more money to increase your net worth now.

I understand that most American might not have saved enough, but it better to understand the truth than to pretend this problem might not exist.

We're like a doctor to tell you what we see, not what's popular.  Are you wondering if your financial planner might be whispering only good news to you?  Are you wondering if they might be short-sighted?  Too many commission sale people exist in the financial industry.  

For $5, I can determine what your number should look like based on the factors you care about.

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How much do you need to retirement based on your standard of living today..