I will help with your personal finances

help with your personal finances

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Description Basic - USA Only Standard - USA Only Detail Plan - USA only
  Future projection of your net worth. How much you might have using Modeling. Include Basic package plus: - Includes Charts and graph of your results. - Action Plan Steps Includes standard plus: One on One (via Computer) Skype meeting. 5 hrs of coaching/ teaching.
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About This Gig

-- USA Customer ONLY --

Let me help with Personal Finance Planning using some modeling to predict future results.

Using Key data inputs (age, saving rate, goals, etc), we can determine what your retirement number and what your chances of hitting it.  Many factors are considered and this helps in understanding if you will hit your "million" dollar mark.  If not, what you need to increase your chances to hitting your goal.

  • The Basic ($5) package only determines where you are at.
  • The Standard package include some help with tweaking your plan.
  • The Detail ($250) package includes one on one explanation with coaching included.  Teaching is only with the DETAIL plan.  

I worked in Wall Street long time ago.  I meet the "FOOLs" in 1999. I used Sharebuilder.com in 1999.  I been using Dividend investment since 1997.   Understanding the averages is all you need.  This is not about pipe dreams.  I been doing this sine my early 20s.  It has help me have financial freedom regardless of my income ("lower middle class").

Start with $5 plan to see if you like what I do.  Pure Advice that is unfiltered.  Honesty can hurt a bit, but you need a kick in the butt!

-- USA based client only.--

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why USA client only?
    While I have lived/worked overseas, I done all my investing in US Market only. I do own Canadian companies (like TD Bank) but all my experiences is based around the US markets. Projection and Predictive modeling only works with what I know. I can't predict currency devaluations.
  • What should I know before hand?
    You should understand your monthly cash flow. Is it positive or negative. How much you save and invest. What asset you have. What liabilities? How risky is it? Does it change often? Knowing these things can help better predict the future outcome.
  • Are you willing to invest in the SP500?
    Do you trust and invest in the stock market? Some of our modeling uses resources allocated to "riskier" investment. Do you only do "under the mattress", CD or MMA then you might still under perform our models. The goal is to design a system that will grow faster than the rate of inflation.
  • How about Real Estate?
    Investment properties are consider, but it much harder to predict with 90% confidence. I know, I owned multiple homes. Ideally I like to do forecasting without "RE" because of the higher degree of risk. RE can turn and cause huge negative returns with a lost of a tenant.
  • What do I make normally?
    Funny. It much more than $5. I have done consulting work for BIG-4 accountant firm working on Information System Design and fixes. Believe me that $5 does not cover the cost of my coffee. Many companies like Accenture, IBM, HP, Boston Consulting, Mercer, etc. charges very high rates!!
  • Can I really get something of value for $10?
    Sure but it only a measuring stick like a thermometer. For some people that all you need. You only need a check up every 6 month or so. Others need a thermostat, extra tools to help set the course and direction (or temperature) to get to the warmer to your goal!
  • Why $250 for Detail?
    I will spend time to teach and explain the ideas. I can buy you a fish for today, but I rather teach you to fish on your own so you can feed yourself forever. I love to teach and help and that is why I work in the consulting industry.
  • Will you spend time helping me gather my data?
    No. You need to have all important information before hand. I would suggest including a XLS with a budget. One for investment (and type). If you are missing information using the $10/$25 plan, there is no do over. The better information provided the better than projection