I will telling you how I make money doing Excel work

telling you how I make money doing Excel work

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  What I did to make more money doing Excel. - Some tips and suggestion you might want to try - What you can do? - Included followup questions Deluxe package plus - more specific coaching via email. -
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About This Gig

-- USA Clients only ---

For those that are good at MS-excel and maybe other MS-Office products, what you can do to increase your earnings while working for other in a corporate settings?

This works for people working in large corporations in America and it could be leverages into Mid size companies also.  Small business might not pay you what your worth, but it nice to find out if you can increase you earnings?

Can I make 30K? 40K? doing MS-Office and Excel?
Is there a way to make 60K or more?
80K, 90K, more?

I have worked for small companies and large billion dollars companies and I know what I was able to do.  I live in mid size city in Florida and when people learn I can make more than many people in other areas it does surprise them.

One trick I did was change what I did in my resume to read as another "role" that I did not know would make more money.  This is without using the word "Manager" any other position related title.  I have did this without managing other workers.  So it possible to increase your earning without being a programmer.  While you might to update your skills, it worth the 300-400 dollars of study material (you can purchase on Amazon, etc) to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you selling me a Ebook or other services?
    No. I not here to try to sell you more things. This is just what the gig is. I will tell you what I did.
  • It is possible for everyone to do?
    It always possible, but does not mean you could. One trick I did was change my title to read as another role. Then when I was looking for a new job, I looked at this role also. I was surprised when some of these role pay more than entry level programmer and so go fair high.
  • Do you need to be good at Excel
    Yes, that is what I'm saying. Excel user can make 30K-40K. What you if you want make more? Is it possible? Yes, of course. This is what I did and it helped me. I was fair good at math so I applied some of those skills to help increase my earnings potential.
  • What other skills can I learn to help?
    The more you know, the better. Large corporation do look for people with certain skills. Can you convince people that your can evolve and learn new skills. This is one of the things you need to show on your resume. What rest.... I will tell you after you purchase my gig!
  • Is it possible to make six figures?
    Yes, it possible but the honest truth is most people earnings are around 50-70K. I have a co-worker with a Business (4-year) degree move higher than that. But it really does depends on your ability to learn how to use EXCEL with other skills to make six figures (and I talking in Florida)..
  • What if you don't like mine suggestions?
    Sorry. I not here to promise that everyone will make a crazy salary. What I'm here to do is give you some things that I did and what my co-workers did and it help us make more than what we were making before. Some things cost nothing to do (like the resume changes).