I will increase your website speed in minimum time

increase your website speed in minimum time

About This Gig

Is your website taking too much time to load? Are you Losing your customers due to slow blog speed? If you are then you are at right place. 
I will test your website with GTMETRIX/Pingdom and will speed up your WordPress website at-least 40%.I will be send you screenshot of your blog speed before and after optimization.

Before discussing what all I will be doing ,You must know why you need to care about your site speed?

Faster Site=  High Google Rankings
Faster Site=  High Conversions/Money
Faster site=Decrease In Bounce Rate
Faster site=  Provide better experience for your customers and visitors

What All I Will Be Doing:
1. Install & Configure best cache plugin
3. Minify HTML,CSS And JavaScript
4.Add EXpiresHeaders And Etags
5.Reduce Size of  Your WordPress Database
6.Disable Hotlinking 
7.Optimize And Will Compress Images
8.Reduce Trackbacks and Pingbacks

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Give me a chance to optimize your WordPress website!! If you have any Questions Then Please Ping Me Before Ordering.
Thank You For Using My Service.

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