I will proofread and edit your existing LinkedIn summary

proofread and edit your existing LinkedIn summary

About This Gig

LinkedIn is an important tool for finding your dream job! One thing that recruiters from companies take into consideration is the personal bio on your page. 

I have my BFA in Advertising with a concentration in Advertising Copywriting, so I am no stranger to the importance of (and writing for) personal marketing. 

Bring me your existing LinkedIn bio and I'll fix it up to convey your personality in the most professional way. I want to help you say the things you want to say but don't know how to put it.

When it comes to describing your friend's personality or what your favorite part of them is, it's easy. But talking or writing about ourselves is very often more difficult than it seems! I'm a professional writer who truly believes in the power of personal marketing on the internet. 

**Please note that I will revise and provide suggestions to an existing bio, I will not be writing one for you.