I will be your relaxing voiceover

be your relaxing voiceover
be your relaxing voiceover

About This Gig

Sometimes a smooth, calming voice is what a person really needs to hear.   I'm here to deliver just that. I'll read up to 200 words of whatever you need for five dollars. (Other price options available below)

I'll record just about anything for just about any purpose.  Need an R-rated personal greeting?  Sure!  A reading of a short children's story?  Why not?  My only rule on content is:

  • Nothing racist/homophobic/xenophobic/you know what?  Anything that qualifies as hate speech in general.  None of that.

To allow for some flexibility to the buyer I'm willing to record and send two takes of whatever I read in WAV or MP3 format.  Please specify any pronunciation issues that may arise.

Please note: background music and/or video is not included.  This is only for the voice-over.

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