I will connect you to your perfect Reiki master

connect you to your perfect Reiki master

About This Gig

I am part of a worldwide network of Reiki masters & energy healers and professionals.  
We are establsihing a remote way to support our customers and new clients via skype video calls, email or messaging. 
We believe that good practitioners do not need personal contact but can help a patient remotely and clearing out the dark spots through bright light and energy part by part! 

Get rid of your negativity or simply reach more self love!

It is not easy with this huge offer out there to find a good reiki master that has help for exact your suffering or health goal. I want to help you through my experience and my network find exact the right professional, that helps you with your health goal, speaks your language, specializes in your suffering and can help you within your budget and timeframe. 
Just let me know what you want to reach exactly with this healing and I will provide you with 2 great options of healers, that are ready to help you, are specialists in your specific problem and yo can then decide and choose one!

Order Details

3 days delivery