I will send positive, healing energy for 7 days

send positive, healing energy for 7 days

About This Gig

Do you feel like it`s time to heal?

You want to have more energy?

You want to attract positive events into your Life?

Being an Empath and having completed the second stage of Usui Reiki, it is my duty and pleasure to help people. I can help you feel energized, creating a balance between your body and soul, so they can start their own natural healing process.

My aim is to help you in any way I can!

Remember, bad times are only temporary, but there are ways you can speed up the healing process, and/or make it easier to cope with difficult situations.

When you purchase the
Basic Gig, I will contact you, letting you know when I start sending you positive energy - which you should feel after a few hours. I will send you Positive, Healing Energy for 15 minutes, every day, for 7 days. Although the "act" itself only takes 15 minutes a day, it will leave you energized for 24 hours.

Please note that this gig is for general healing and energizing only. No specific results can be guaranteed.

I will mark the order complete after the FIRST session to avoid missing deadlines, but will continue sending you energy during the agreed period.

Blessed be!

Order Details

Energy Healing

I will send you positive, healing energy for 15 minutes daily, for 7 days.

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to lose weight, can I still purchase this gig?
    Please do not order just yet, contact me first so that I can assess the situation, the possible blocks that stand in the way of your goal, as well as the time we would need. Please note that the healing energy does NOT replace exercise and diet, but along with those can have amazing results.
  • I recently had surgery, is this gig for me?
    General healing can help speed up the process after an injury, but no results can be guaranteed (nor a time-frame as to when the healing will happen). If still in doubt, please contact me before ordering. Please note that energy does not replace surgery and other treatments!
  • I just broke up with my partner, can you help?
    Yes, but please contact me first for a custom offer, because general healing can`t guarantee any specific results. I can target the energy I send so that it focuses on a certain aspect of your life, but for that you need to contact me with more details.
  • When will you mark the order complete?
    Please note that I will mark the order complete after the first session of Distant Reiki Healing. This is to avoid missing deadlines from my part on fiverr, but does not change the fact that I will continue sending you the energy for the agreed number of days.
  • Can I contact you free of charge during my healing period?
    Yes, of course! I am always happy to help, and I also want to know about your progress. Feel free to contact me any time, and I will make sure to ask you how you feel as well whenever I can.
  • What other gigs do you offer in similar categories?
    I offer Tarot card and Rune readings, Dream Interpretation and a Description of your Past Lives and how they may affect your current Life. I can also create a Healing Mandala for you. Please have a look at my profile for more information.
  • What is the Healing Mandala that you offer as an extra?
    After I connect to you spiritually, I am going to create a special drawing or Mandala just for you, that`s connected to your energy, further enhancing the effects of the positive energy I`m sending you. Keep it with you for 15 minutes every day. Please contact me for further details.
  • Can I order only the Mandala?
    Yes, you can! Please state when you order that you want the Mandala, instead of the healing, or contact me for a custom offer.