I will send you 3 paranormal romance novels approx 90,000 words

send you 3 paranormal romance novels approx 90,000 words

About This Gig

Do you want to read a compelling and unique paranormal romance?

Do you want to be drawn by captivating dreams of the past?

Sit back and relax, while enjoying 90,000 words of fiction?

This might sound strange, but while creating my first series of books, I never wrote anything twice, so what you get is the original version. That`s because any time I read it again, there is nothing I would change. I wrote it the way I did for a reason, and that reason is to wake people up, to make them realize what truly matters to them. And I could only do that by showing them the struggle that goes through one`s mind when facing certain decisions and difficulties. To realize what truly matters.

An unusual paranormal romance about love, hope, memories. A story where dreams and reality collide to raise the ultimate question: why?

Please note that this isn`t a personalized gig, by purchasing, you will NOT get the copyright to the stories, and I will NOT create anything new.

These stories are already written and published by me, aka the author, and I own full copyright to them.

When purchasing this gig I will send you the pdf version of all three e-books, but for personal use only.

Thank you!

Order Details

1 day delivery

Three Novels

I will send you 3 ready-made paranormal romance novels. For personal use only, I own the copyright!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get copyright for these stories?
    No. These books have been written and published by me, and I will retain the copyright even after you purchase a copy of the books. Therefore this gig is for personal use ONLY, for readers who want to gain access to 90,000 words of fiction :)
  • Can I get a sample of the books before purchasing?
    Yes! Please message me for samples.
  • Can I get a physical copy of the books?
    Yes, please message me for details.
  • Are there any other books in progress?
    Yes, the fourth and last part of the series, as well as many others, including fantasy and thriller. Stay tuned and those will be added as well in due course :)