I will write a letter from Santa Claus

write a letter from Santa Claus

About This Gig

Does your child still believe in Santa Claus (Father Christmas)?

Does he/she write letters to him every single year without an answer?

Do you want to surprise them with a unique gift this Xmas, but it isn`t what they asked for?

Why not blame it on Santa?

With a personalized letter, every child can feel unique and special, because Santa listened to their wish, and depending your choice, he can either make them come true, or make a funny excuse like "I`m so sorry, but Rudolph ate your doll, so I couldn`t deliver it to you this year. But I brought you this lovely book instead, which is full of other toys. Feel free to let me know how could I make up for this next year. "

Okay, so not every child writes to Santa, so how about the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny? Please message me before ordering, and I am more than happy to write "in the name" of your chosen icon.

Please note that the letter is fictional, and serves entertainment purposes only. For personal use only! With special requests, please message me before ordering.


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A Letter from Santa Claus

A personalized letter to your child from Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny