I will critique Business Products or Services

critique Business Products or Services
critique Business Products or Services

About This Gig

Launching a new product or service? Maybe it’s been around for a while but is not doing so well. Or maybe you just want an honest assessment?

Whatever the case, I can give you valuable feedback on your business’s products or services from a shopper’s point-of-view.

$5 will get you feedback on 1 Service or 3 Products.

Every customer looks for value for money when making purchasing decisions. However, simple things about a product or service could take away from its value and cause them to turn away.

I can provide you feedback on:

  • The design of the product
  • Service features
  • Comparison (features) with what’s offered by the competition
  • Possible drawbacks

All reviews are completed within only a few days and will be sent to you in a document format of your choice in simple, easy to read language.

This could be the advice that sets up your business for success, so don’t hesitate! 

Place your order for feedback on your product or service NOW and get a real shopper’s honest perspective. 

Send me a message if you have any questions or have a special request and check out my gig extras for more!

Order Details

Basic Product/ Service Review

Review and Feedback on up to 3 Products or 1 Service.

3 days delivery