I will do an accurate reading about future

do an accurate reading about future
do an accurate reading about future

About This Gig

Remil reading is an old skill of prediction. The "Rammals" (People who do Remil prediction) do this since B.C sixth century. It's highly believed that, St. Danial the prophet taught this art to people of that era. It's similar to "Geomancy". We can say that "Geomancy" was born from this art.

The technique is  simple. Person who want to learn about something makes a preparation and gives some numbers to the psychic. Psychic prepares  diagrams with the numbers given and makes predictions according to diagrams. Comments on diagrams have been studied for centuries and "The Rammals" have a concurrence about many diagrams. This is a great sign of accuracy of predictions.

Here are the common questions which we can find answers 

  • Will she/he love me?
  • Will I marry?
  • Will we come together again?
  • Will he/she break up with me?
  • Will I have a kid?
  • Will I have a son or a daughter?
  • Will my child be a good kid?
  • About health situation
  • Is this thing good for me?
  • How is my future compared to today?
  • Will I lose or gain money?
  • Will my wish come true?

I will send you your Remil Chart with the predictions.

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Five Questions

I will do a Remil prediction for five topics