About This Gig

Top Rated Seller/Father as featured in a story on FIVERR's Blog  http://blog.fiverr.com/an-inspiring-fathers-day-interview-with-a-fiverr-seller/


I have over 27 years experience in Web, Radio, and Television voice over and jingle singing and production.  Let me help you bring your ideas to life. I do voice mails to, hear my samples at www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp-i2Z1acHI

For scripts longer I will let you know and you can add a gig for each additional 90 words or partial of 90 words for example 91 words is 2 gigs and so on.  This does not include syncing with video that is offered in my gig extras.  Send your copy or script and I will get on it right away. I have done TV, Video, online projects, radio, phone greetings or voice mail, and can fulfill whatever your need is. 


Music placement covers the edit of music and placement with nice ending that makes the music sound like it was made for your project, rather than a simple fade! You need to provide the music track itself.  You can find some great track licenses for cheap at this link   http://audiojungle.net/?ref=mjcorbus